Great Marks For Bloggers

It is possible to make money on your blog. Has your traffic reached a point where you want to take it a step further? Great Marks’ blog proofreading and SEO tips can help you build your blog revenue by giving you leverage for sponsors. Potential blog sponsors are looking for blogs with a respectable pagerank, good traffic, and a finished, streamlined website with interesting content – all of which we can help you get.

Improving Your Pagerank

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Your Search Engine Optimization (or lack thereof) makes a big difference for potential sponsors because it affects your pagerank as well as your page views. Good SEO can keep your posts coming up in search results, which improves your traffic. Keyword research is the most important and high return aspect of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and we have reasonable rates to make SEO accessible for bloggers. Here’s how we do it.¬†

Improving Your Content

Blog proofreading and editing can take your first draft ramblings and perfect them into a cohesive post that is worthy of sharing.¬†Most editors are on the look-out for any grammatical errors, but we take blog proofreading a step further. We need to know more information about your purposes with your blog – who you want to reach, your mission and your focus – because we’ll be looking at content, style, flow, clarity, word choice, and idiomatic expression and making suggestions for changes. Our affordable blog proofreading is billed on a monthly basis in convenient packages. Email to get pricing and sign up your blog!

Make the Most Out of Your Social Media

Popularity on social media is about getting your posts shared. At Great Marks, we specialize in what’s been dubbed “social media linkbait”, which is typically in the form of images, but can also be short posts. You can see an example here. When you’re ready to jump-start your social media, just email kmh at greatproofreading dot com or connect with us on Facebook to get started.

Turning Your Blog Into a Book

We have a lot of experience in blog to book editing, and we love doing it! Proofreading and editing your blog allows us to get to know your writing and build a working relationship before you even start writing your book. We can’t wait to see your name in print!


Blog Editing:

Billed on a monthly basis, blog editing starts at $45 for 6-8 posts (2-2500 words) and goes up to $100 for 15 posts (4500 words). Feeling prolific? $300 gets you unlimited editing for the month. Interested in having me SEO each post as well? Add 25% to the cost of your editing package.

Start-Up SEO Package:

Starting at $170, see separate package description.

Website Content (with keyword research):

$380 for a site of up to 5 pages, $75 per page over 5.

A La Carte Blog Posts (300-400 words):


Social Media Link Bait:

$150 for 10 posts or images