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This blog contains primarily book suggestions and tips on writing.

It is written by Kendall Hoover, an editor who specializes in non-fiction editing and ghost writing. Book suggestions here tend to focus on the author of those books and the story behind the story because of Kendall’s interest in authors (obviously). She writes children’s book suggestions, adult non-fiction book suggestions, and adult fiction book suggestions. Her commissioned reviews will only be listed among book suggestions. She does not write reviews for books that she likes. If she doesn’t like a book that you gave her to review, she will not post a review. However, any non-commissioned reviews will be both positive and negative, based on her opinions of the book. All book suggestions have an honest review.

The tips on writing are primarily for blog writers and, thus, most applicable to web content.

books tallHer series “Well-written Wednesday” contains a blog post that she has reviewed and found well-written. She then indicates her tips on writing for the blog’s readers and her own readers to use as an example. These tips on writing have been massively popular and generate a large portion of the traffic to this website.
The tips on writing also include recommendations for small changes that can improve SEO, as well as explanations covering topics related to SEO. Kendall Hoover is currently undertaking Google’s Adwords Professional certification, which gives her a significant amount of knowledge regarding this topic. She uses this expertise to write web content for clients.