Book Suggestions: “Into the Child” by Shannon Bradley-Colleary

image: book suggestion into the childI originally read this book because it had 5 star reviews on Amazon and is just $2.99. I figured I couldn’t go wrong – and I certainly didn’t. I am no stranger to parenting books. I hoarded parenting books from the moment I started my second trimester and didn’t really stop looking for answers in them until I realized that any one I picked up would give me a different answer. “Into the Child” will be my first book suggestion for new moms now, but it’s a must-read for second-time moms.

Shannon’s style throughout the book is amusing but one story in particular, regarding a new pair of black pumps and their unfortunate loss, really had me chuckling. Shannon had a way of making me laugh about feeling like I whale during pregnancy or about being convinced that I will irreversibly “screw up” my son, without belittling those days or those feelings. Ultimately, this is my first book suggestion for new moms (but especially second-time moms) because I felt less crazy once I’d finished it. It’s my new favorite parenting book because while it didn’t necessarily give me poignant answers or advice on exactly how to guarantee I won’t mess up parenting, it did make me feel less like I needed to know the answers.

About the Author:

image: book suggestion by shannon bradley-collearyShannon Bradley-Colleary is a screenwriter who lives in L.A and writes for The Huffington Post and her blog “The Woman Formerly Known as Beautiful”. She wrote this book when she was pregnant with her second child but put it aside when she got busy with screenwriting. When she found herself with time more recently, she pulled it out to update and self-publish it. Shannon has done very well with self-publishing because she already had a great platform from her blog and a significant following from the Huffington Post. (She is a great example for the benefits of self-publishing!) She is currently screenwriting and writing her second book, which will also be a memoir, focused more on her career as an actress.

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