Language and Literacy for 2 Year Olds

When I was little, my little sister’s hiccups in language development would drive me crazy. She used to say things like “counsint” instead of “cousin”. Enough to drive a know-it-all second grader crazy! My baby boy now finds frustration in his own hiccups in language development. I just can’t help but find it entertaining and endearing. I love watching the way he almost gets the meaning of a phrase but doesn’t quite get it right. For instance, he’ll say things like, “We are all peoples!” or “What is that dinosaur doing on top of those mans?” This week, he was…

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Book Suggestions: Introducing Children to Art Through Books

As a country, we spend a lot of time talking about reading to our children and the importance of literacy. Thankfully! Obviously, literacy is important in and of itself, but the other part of reading to our children is that they need to have an interest in and appreciation for reading in order to pursue higher learning. In the future, they’ll learn about everything from art to math from books. The children’s book suggestions here include two books written by author-artists (or author-art-appreciators) who have made it possible for our kids to start using books to learn about art from…

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Book Suggestions: A Few Children’s Books for Election Time

The book suggestions here are great fits for election time. They were chosen because they are clever and fun for parents to read, and can start conversations about government for young ones, but also makes light of the process. When we adults are up to our ears in election coverage, Duck for President and The Scrambled States of America give us the opportunity to lighten up and  remember to be thankful for our freedoms and the relatively benign flaws in our political process.

Book Suggestions: “Smash! Crash!” by Jon Scieszka

I cannot recommend this book. What’s worse? My son likes it. Worst case literary scenario: a book your kid loves having read to him that you despise reading. There are at least three reasons I really dislike this book. First, the two protagonists, Jack and Dan, spend their days smashing and crashing everything – even when their friend trucks ask them to refrain.

Book Suggestions: “Somewhere in the Ocean” by Jennifer Ward

This isn’t your average ocean creatures book. It rhymes sweetly. The creatures aren’t only the typical ones. It has a great “Fun Facts” sheet at the end. Sounds nice enough, right? It’s really a great book of this genre just considering these things. But guess what?

Book Suggestions: “Otis” by Loren Long

Onomatopoeias are a big deal for books in our house. Tractors are also a big deal, so “Otis” really delivered for us! This was a great book suggestion  for the Daddy of our house because it provides a platform to discuss how to approach and treat animals; Daddy loves animals and wants to share that love with his boy. In this story, Otis was the only one who could save the little cow because he was gentle and quiet. I don’t know about you guys, but being gentle and quiet around animals is something our toddler needed to work on.