Sarah Breedlove Walker: Single Working Mom and Philanthropist

“An illiterate, impoverished daughter of freed slaves built the largest black-owned business in America, made a fortune, and touched thousands with her philanthropy.” – PBS’s “Who Made America”. One of my role models is Sarah Breedlove Walker, and the border between black history month and women’s history month is the perfect time to gush about her. Because she made her fortune in Indianapolis (where I grew up), she has always been a hero to me. She is a fantastic role model for women, especially a lot of the women who follow this blog and have their own small businesses.

Book Suggestions: “Into the Child” by Shannon Bradley-Colleary

I originally read this book because it had 5 star reviews on Amazon and is just $2.99. I figured I couldn’t go wrong – and I certainly didn’t. I am no stranger to parenting books. I hoarded parenting books from the moment I started my second trimester and didn’t really stop looking for answers in them until I realized that any one I picked up would give me a different answer. “Into the Child” will be my first book suggestion for new moms now, but it’s a must-read for second-time moms.

Book Suggestions: “Caleb’s Crossing” by Geraldine Brooks

Caleb’s Crossing is a historical novel based around the story of the first Native American to attend Harvard University. Coming on the tail of the Expecting Adam Review, I am completely disillusioned now about Harvard University, but that’s neither here nor there. The story is actually told from the point of view of Bethia, an instantly adorable character whose selfless and self-deprecating nature is as endearing as her ability to love in a deep and uncomplicated way. Bethia becomes like a sister to Caleb, and I think any reader would wish her for their own sister. Maybe that’s just me…she…

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Book Suggestions: “Expecting Adam” by Martha Beck

“Expecting Adam” may make you feel differently about the possibility of having a child with severe disabilities. It may make you want to get on a Soapbox about whether a woman should ever be encouraged to abort her baby. It will certainly make you think about whether Harvard University is what it seems to be. But, the reason I’ve placed this among the book suggestions here is because at least three other book lovers have emailed me regarding this book and how much they connected to it — without any reference to these controversies it addresses.

Book Suggestions: Preview for “Expecting Adam” by Martha Beck

Martha is deep into graduate study and barely keeping her head above water when she finds herself extremely sick with the pregnancy of her second child. She finds out early-on that the baby inside of her has Down’s Syndrome. While her colleagues are advising (read: insisting) that she abort her son, Martha feels inexplicably led to keep her baby. This book chronicles her journey, her fight, and the son that gave her life, and is topping our recent book club book suggestions for it’s controversial conversation starters.