Sarah Breedlove Walker: Single Working Mom and Philanthropist

“An illiterate, impoverished daughter of freed slaves built the largest black-owned business in America, made a fortune, and touched thousands with her philanthropy.” – PBS’s “Who Made America”. One of my role models is Sarah Breedlove Walker, and the border between black history month and women’s history month is the perfect time to gush about her. Because she made her fortune in Indianapolis (where I grew up), she has always been a hero to me. She is a fantastic role model for women, especially a lot of the women who follow this blog and have their own small businesses.

Could You Unintentionally Make a Lie Go Viral?

Seven months ago, a client (Jamie of “I Am Not the Babysitter”) and I were discussing the topic of a post she was writing about the inaccuracies she recognized in media reporting. Even reputable media sources report inaccuracies in information or bend information to make it “sell”. Media outlets use “expert” sources who actually have no real background in their field or who are compromising their professional ethics by commenting on certain topics.