Non-Fiction Editing

Proofread work is the mark of professional work. Whether it’s written for a degree or a book proposal, sloppy work makes a poor impression. An error free project is simply easier and more pleasant to read. While proofreading your own work is an important step in the writing process, it is not foolproof. When you have worked on a project for hours, days, or years, your brain starts to see what it means for a reader to see.

book suggestions imageWe do not believe that authors need to hate the proofreading and editing process.

We want to work with you to represent the eye and ear of the reader – a viewpoint that none of us can have on our own work. We are comfortable with self-publishing and know that there can be significant benefits to self-publishing. An amazing editor-author relationship develops even more importance in self-publishing. Proofreading and editing will save you heartache and financial resources. A more perfect manuscript will lead to a higher likelihood of being picked up by a publisher and a higher likelihood of being recommended and passed along – the best marketing for self-published authors.

We value efficiency and charge by project, not by hour.

When you send in your project, you will be provided with a quote for turn-around time and billing rate before starting the project. Each page is read through twice — once for proofreading and editing and once again through the edited copy. We have separate rates for proofreading and editing. Copy editing includes a review of clarity, structure, style, and (to a certain extent) content. Proofreading primarily covers grammar.

We have specialized editors in your subject.

We have accepted work in topics from micro-economics to multiculturalism, parenting and nutrition and have specialists with entry-level knowledge of engineering topics including Thermodynamics and Statics and graduate level knowledge of speech and hearing related biology, functioning, and disabilities. At this time, we work only with non-fiction, including literary non-fiction.