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Kendall M. Hoover, Senior Editor and Writer


Proofreading and Editing imageKendall Hoover has more than five years of proofreading and editing experience as well as Bachelor and Master degrees in Speech and Hearing Science. She is a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and is currently completing Google’s Advertising Professionals Certification program.

Kendall has always been an avid reader, although it has gotten her in to trouble. Apparently, her parents preferred to talk to her at the dinner table and she was markedly less engaged in the conversation if she had her nose in a book. As Kendall completed three years of coursework in Engineering (including Thermodynamics and Statics), she found that she had useful skills in proofreading and editing for her classmates who were required to obtain certain credits in the social sciences. She moved on to preparing their resumes as they neared graduation and ultimately proofread their dissertations and marketing materials after they graduated. Eventually, she realized that her love for grammar and attention to detail in writing was a marketable skill. Kendall is a military spouse whose hobbies include reading, biking, and buying her two-year-old vintage Star Wars shirts.


GreatProofreading.com is concerned with local, domestic, and international philanthropy.

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We are currently involved with Boiler Gold Rush (the freshman orientation program at Purdue University), Epsilon Sigma Alpha (a community service organization that primarily supports St Jude Children’s Research Hospital) and Fayye Foundation (which works to fight the orphan crisis in Sidama, Ethiopia).

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